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New Home Builders Canberra

Are you trying to choose between buying and building a home? With the advice of new home builders in Canberra, you can make your decision easier. While either option comes with its advantages, it’s worth learning more about the perks of each before handing over your money.

How new home builders deliver convenience

In an era where many people know exactly what they want from their house, buying a property that’s ready-made no longer provides all that they desire. In contrast, when you hire new home builders in Canberra, you grab the chance to create the property of your dreams.

From the colour scheme and the flooring through to solar energy and herb gardens, every aspect of the design is within your control. Although you’ll need to adhere to local building regulations, choosing to use new home builders in Canberra is an easy way to create a property you truly love.

New properties are usually more energy efficient

Did you know that all new properties built in Australia must meet a 6-star energy rating as a minimum? This applies nation-wide, which means choosing new home builders in Canberra allows you to enjoy an investment that proves to be eco-friendly.

In general, you’ll produce fewer carbon emissions. You should also find that your energy bills are lower, giving you the chance to enjoy reduced bills for the foreseeable future.

You may find the initial financial outlay is less than you think

As the Australian government recognises that new properties are energy efficient, they do provide some grants to help with the building process.

The Help to Buy equity scheme could provide you with a 5% deposit on your new property. Once you have secured a grant, you can proceed to find new home builders in Canberra that share your vision. When you save as much as 5%, you can enjoy spending a little more on post-purchase benefits, such as decorating and furnishing your home.

Your property could be more secure

Again, the Australian government sets minimum standards for those who are building new properties. As such, your new home builders in Canberra will probably need to fit certain burglar alarms, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors.

In addition to keeping you safe, these features can sometimes make insurance cheaper. Not only do you enjoy ongoing peace of mind, but your cost of living could also be lower.

Whether you want to build a new home because you have exacting standards or you love energy efficiency, we at Aztec Building Solutions are here to help.









The Benefits of Building Low Energy Homes with Home Builders in Canberra

Are you one of the many people who’s considering a low-energy home? Using home builders in Canberra is an excellent way to make your dream come true. On a national level, the introduction of low-energy homes is set to contribute to the 40% reduction in energy usage that the Australian government plans for. If you’re on the fence about building one, it’s worth exploring the benefits.

Using home builders in Canberra to build a low energy home saves energy

A reduction in energy expenditure is possibly the most obvious benefit. According to some statistics, around 42% of our energy expenditure comes from heating and cooling a property. Therefore, the use of double glazing windows, honeycombed blinds, and insulation could have a significant impact there. One study that took place in China found that those who used home insulation also used 23.5% less air conditioning.

The same statistic provider analysing energy expenditure estimates that a further 30% of energy usage comes from electronic devices. With the use of solar panels in an area such as Canberra, you’ll see a significant decline in your energy bills.

Low-energy homes produce better air quality

Home builders in Canberra that prioritise the use of local topography and incorporate the right plants into their development enhance air quality. Poor air quality is an issue that can result in exacerbated respiratory conditions, low mood, and an inability to sleep. It’s more likely to affect the very young and very old, making the use of a low-energy home important to those who want to promote better long-term health.

The use of passive cooling reduces the presence of moisture

One of the latest developments amongst home builders in Canberra is the use of passive cooling to reduce moisture. The right passive cooling techniques take the location of your property into account. Approaches to designing a home that prioritises passive cooling can include ensuring natural ventilation is available, reflecting radiation, and reducing the number of UV waves that interact with the property. Overall, this results in 60% less humidity, leading to a comfier lifestyle and a reduction in allergy exacerbation.

The importance of finding the right home builders in Canberra

When you want to develop a low-energy home, you’re making a big decision that benefits everyone in your household. At Aztec Building Solutions, our home builders in Canberra have a wealth of experience in producing such homes. To discuss your visions and plans, get in touch.