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Home extensions in Canberra are our specialty!

We love the challenging aspect of home extensions compared to new builds. If you are thinking about extending your home, we are more then happy to give you a free quote and guide you through the design and approval process.

Home Extensions in Canberra

If you’re considering home extensions in Canberra, but you’re on the fence when it comes to building one, it’s helpful to learn more about the benefits. From increasing your property’s worth to creating extra space for family members, here are some of our favourite benefits to choosing home extensions in Canberra.

Home extensions in Canberra often prove cost-effective

As one of the easiest ways to add more space to your property, a home extension is often cost-effective. For example, if you’re facing the choice of moving house or adding extra space because you’re expecting a baby, your home extension in Canberra could prove cheaper.

In the absence of legal fees, removal costs, and stamp duty, choosing a home extension is an all-round winner. It’s also worth noting that you’ll increase the value of your property. As a result, not only will you save money in the short term, you stand to gain.

It’s a time-sensitive way to expand on space

Using the example of adding a new member to your family again, your home extension in Canberra isn’t open to external delays. In contrast, when you move house, there’s always a risk that the deal will fall through.

According to some statistics, it takes 40 days on average for an Australian property to sell in an urban area. Even if you do fall within that 40-day period, there’s always a risk that the buyer will need to back out. Or, you might find that someone gazumps you before you can move into your new house.

Although building home extensions in Canberra still places you at the mercy of contractors, this will always be more reliable than choosing to buy a new home. As you have more control over the process, you’ll likely find it far less stressful.

You get the features you need, without hidden surprises

Opting for home extensions in Canberra gives you the chance to secure the features you need, without any hidden surprises. When you use reliable home extension builders, you’ll ensure that your new space meets minimum standards. If you’ve always dreamed of bringing solar energy or heated floors to your house, this is your chance to do so.

From creating oodles of extra space to avoiding the hassles that come with buying a new property, home extensions convey lots of benefits. To ensure you can make the most of them, turn to Aztec Building Solutions as we have plenty of experience.

Renovations and Makeovers Go Hand in Hand with Home Extensions in Canberra

before and after shots larger home renovation

When the time comes to renovate or extend your property, you need to find home extension builders in Canberra who are up to the task. The first step to success is to choose an experienced team. Then, you need to start making plans, forming a budget, and obtaining planning permission, where necessary. We can help you decide if hiring home extension builders in Canberra is right for you.

Transform your loft or basement into an additional living space

One of the biggest challenges home builders and owners in Canberra face is expanding a property when space is tight. But, if you’re willing to build upwards or outwards, you could still secure the additional living space you need.

According to some statistics, converting a loft into an additional bedroom will cost around $40,000. In contrast, adding a new room altogether may cost $150,000. If you only need a little extra space, consider making the most of what you already have.

Use home extension builders in Canberra to transform home

Is your kitchen looking a little lacklustre? As your family starts to grow, you might find that it needs to become an integral part of your property. Rather than just using it as somewhere where you cook, consider creating a sit-in area, extra storage, and islands that are perfect for creating delicious meals.

Understandably, not every property possesses the space to install a sumptuous kitchen. When you hire home extension builders in Canberra, it’s easy to determine what your property is capable of. With suggestions from professionals, you might find that creating your dream kitchen is easier than you think.

Inject life into an old property

Home extension builders in Canberra are often called upon to focus on renovating old properties too. From buying bargains at an auction to inheriting one that needs some work, rejuvenating an older property is a project that’s often exciting.

However, if you choose to do so without the right team, your work can soon become stressful. As such, finding the right home extension builders in Canberra is a must. You may also find that you need to request property inspections to determine how much work needs to be done. With the right research and quotes from dependable contractors, you can transform an old building into a work of art.

No matter what your renovation dreams are, making them come to life may prove easier than you think. At Aztec Building Solutions, our home extension builders in Canberra can make your dreams come true.

Please have a look at our work portfolio where you can find some of our previously completed home extensions in Canberra, or contact us for a free quote.