Granny Flats

Canberra Granny Flat Builders

Have you ever considered building a granny flat in Canberra? Despite their name, granny flats aren’t just for elderly relatives. People are building granny flats in Canberra for a broad range of reasons, and it’s time for you to learn why consulting Canberra’s best granny flat builders could be beneficial for you too.

Granny flats in Canberra can soon become a source of passive income

Did you know that a growing number of people across Australia are choosing to rent? Just over 30% are renting rather than buying, which is an increase on past figures.

If you choose to use your Canberra granny flat as an investment property, you can command an easy passive income. It’s always wise to register your activities with the ATO and pay taxes accordingly. Granny flats in Canberra are appealing to those who need to rent a cost-effective space alone, but don’t like the idea of room sharing.

On a more niche note, you could use your Canberra granny flat as a short-term let for tourists. With sites such as air b’n’b gathering popularity, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by occasionally using it for guests, then renting it out to visitors.

Granny flats in Canberra are excellent for promoting independence

Under all kinds of circumstances, you may find that an elderly relative comes to live with you. With studies demonstrating that remaining outside of care homes promotes a greater sense of independence, your investment will have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

On the other side of the age spectrum, there’s your teenagers. Investing in a Canberra granny flat gives them the chance to experience life as a semi-independent person. As a result, they might not find adult living to be such a culture shock when the time comes around.

Useful tax benefits

Few people would say no to a tax benefit, so if you’re in need of more space and you would also like some deductibles, consider speaking to a reliable team of Canberra granny flat builders. The deductions you enjoy each year can amount to thousands, which means your new Canberra granny flat pays for itself in a variety of ways.

Flexibility in terms of where you live

One of the lesser considered qualities of granny flats is the ability to move into one yourself. Why would you want to do that? Well, when your family decreases in size, temporarily moving into your new building and renting the larger one out to someone else can make perfect sense.

The income you generate could go towards your pension, further developments, or an earlier retirement. Whichever you choose, there’s no denying that spare cash is an asset few will turn down.

If the idea of building a granny flat in Canberra appeals to you, contact the Aztec Building Solutions team today for a free quote. You can also check out our work portfolio to see some previous Canberra granny flats that we have built.